Soft Gaze

. . . where one looks into the world while maintaining
the multidimensional ‘knowing’ from behind closed eyes

Cami Davis


Short videos by Jan van Boeckel

Rainwater dripping in an overflowing water barrel
Blankenham, Netherlands


Mountain water stream disappearing and re-appearing
Jotunheimen mountains, Norway


Roots of marram grass in the wind
Terschelling, Netherlands


Fluff in the mountain wind
Jotunheimen, Norway


Fragments of white in patterns below me
Viikki, Finland


Plant-like organims in a boiling stream
Hveragerði, Iceland


Play of light on birch tree
Viikki, Finland


Violin concert in C-Dur
Dordogne, France


Butterfly in a stream
Engeløya Island, Norway


The skin of Gaia, breathing
Suomenlinna shore, Finland


Plant dance at dusk
Bygdøy, Norway


The Mollestad Oak, 1000 years old, the winter sun causes it to release steam
Grimstad, Norway